Hey there


Hey there, I'm Joséphine!

I created the Urban Bliss community 3 years ago in Lisbon, I teach classes, run workshops and events and organise retreats all over Portugal. My journey as a yogi started 9 years ago and I've been passionate about sharing my love of this tradition ever since I decided to train as a teacher in 2017. 

I'm a truth-seeker and curious student of life, I allow my practice and my teaching to unfold as I explore my own gifts. I initially trained as a Vinyasa teacher but my journey has evolved greatly and will keep evolving. After a couple of injuries and being diagnosed with hypermobility, I had to take a good look at my movement habits and redefine my routine. This now reflects in my Yoga classes.


My journey and everything that I have learnt on the way has led me to redefine the traditional asanas and to develop my own style which includes:

  • functional & intentional movement sequences

  • stress & tension relief in the body

  • nervous system regulation through meditative exercises & breathwork

  • visualisations & mind-expanding exercises

  • Yoga philosophy for personal development